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What make us Different?

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At RMR Cleaning Services we provide comprehensive cleaning services, from small office to large corporate building, covering London, Wolverhampton and the surrounding area. We understand that every client is different and has a unique set of needs, expectations and budget, that is the reason we don’t do “one size fits all service” we listen to you, we advise, we tailor the service to your need, standard and budget and give you impeccable service.

We have customers who have contacted us on a one-off basis and who have come back as repeat customers; our clients know that they can trust our judgment and professionalism to manage specific accounts where bespoke services and confidentiality agreements are required.

Whether you need to reduce costs, improve service, or benchmark your existing supplier, we’re here to help. Once you take us on board you can forget about all aspects of your cleaning tasks, you will only find your place clean and tidy always. We always monitor the work and hands-on. We do not bind you to long contractual periods, as we understand that you can stay with us as long as you are happy with the service. We offer trial services and reasonable cancellation notice. You can select any frequency from daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and one offs.



We provide retail cleaning services including shopping centres, retail parks, Car showroom and individual retailers. The cleanliness of retail space defines customer shopping experience. We want to work with you to make YOU virtuous. The UK is one of the most competitive retailing environments in the world. So, today’s shoppers demand pristine shopping experiences and you should expect your commercial cleaner to deliver nothing less.

If you are thinking of changing cleaning contractor or moving to new premises, we are the right cleaner for you.

•Competitive pricing and quick response times

•Framework pricing based on sq. ft. and agreed productivity rates – excellent for forecasting, and spotting sites which are over-staffed

•Cross-sector experience which has allowed us to hone best practice and bring those benefits to you

•Good weekend presence and management

We understand the dynamic, challenging needs of cleaning retail space Get in touch with us and enjoys bespoke service we provides.


Disinfection Deep-Cleaning Services

Disinfection Deep-Cleaning Services

RMR Cleaning Services provide Covid-19 deep cleaning and decontamination service includes thorough antiviral cleaning of premises. We pay particular attention to high touch points such as door handles, taps, light switches and surfaces.

We use a powerful antiviral cleaner that is used for infection control and eliminates dangerous viruses, microscopic bacteria, fungi, and protozoa that can cause disease. The chemicals used are safe to touch once applied, and will not damage anything it comes into contact with.

We also use Electrostatic Disinfection to deep clean which is one of the most effective and safest methods to combat the spread of virus such as COVID-19. Electrostatic spray contains specialized solution combined with air and atomized by an electrode inside the sprayer. The resultant positively charged particles adhere quite aggressively to most object and surface, clinging forcefully to anything they touch.

This service is available alongside our deep clean and decontamination opening preparation.

Our highly skilled and trained workforce carry out this deep cleaning and decontamination process wearing protective gear including masks, gloves and goggles, and follow all government guidelines.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Moving to a new house can be quite hectic, leaving cleaning to the last minute can add stress as you struggle to start the moving process. We can ease the stress by providing these services; End of tenancy cleaning, move out/ move in cleaning, deep cleaning, after builder cleaning, after party cleaning, ad hoc support and carpet and upholstery cleaning.

No matter if you are a tenant, landlord or estate agency, our End of Tenancy cleaning is suitable for everyone who is moving in or out of a property. End of tenancy cleaning is required to reclaim your full security deposit. According to the ‘The Tenants’, 50% of deposit disputes in the UK are caused by insufficient end of tenancy cleaning. RMR Cleaning Services offers a top to bottom End of tenancy cleaning service, guaranteed. As a tenant you can be confident that you’ll get your security deposit back in full without trouble or if you’re a landlord, you’ll have your entire property professionally cleaned and ready for new tenants.



We offer a professional accredited carpet cleaning service for all types of commercial establishments. Our carpet cleaning services are designed to meet your cleaning requirement and maintain the clean and tidy carpet at all time.  We have the best professional equipment. Our technicians expertly assess each area and use the correct products, application and methods. Depending on the task, we use hot-water extraction, dry cleaning method; scotch guard etc. whatever is best for your site or home. Treatments include pet-odour removal, spot and stain removal, anti-static treatment. You just let us know what you need, and we shall recommend and apply the best treatment.  All operatives follow official health and safety industry standards ensure a high quality of work. You can call us for large or small carpet areas cleaning, for upholstery or leather furniture cleaning – rugs, curtains, and chairs- you name it, we clean it! We guaranty quality, punctuality, and competitive prices.




People need to know they are visiting and working in places that are clean, safe and hygienic.  Our custom cleaning service keep people healthy and safe and also takes worries of ordering and managing stocks away from you. Our expertly trained janitors, best-in-class products, smart technology will give you peace of mind. For us, healthy environment goes hand in hand with clean, hygienic kitchens, dining spaces and washrooms. From small office to large corporate building, or hosting workplace events, conferences or other large gatherings, we’ll ensure your space is clean, comfortable and welcoming – from start to finish.

Our hygiene services include:

  • Feminine hygiene units – sourced, supplied, and regular waste disposal
  • Vending machines – installed, maintained, and restocked
  • Air freshening systems – a range of options to keep washrooms smelling fresh
  • Toilet seat sanitizers – for increased hygiene and to prevent the spread of germs
  • Urinal auto-sanitizers – to keep urinals looking and smelling presentable
  • Washroom consumables – soaps, paper products and cleaning materials stocked up as required.


We offer high quality commercial window cleaning – no matter what the shape and size of your building, our fully trained professional staff work quickly and safely to ensure minimal disruption and sparkling results, Our window cleaning services frequency can be scheduled based on your requirement, ranging from daily to annual cleaning options.Our various access includes:

  • Reach and wash systems
  • Ground and ladder work
  • Cherry picker and hoist access work
  • Abseiling
  • Cradle system work


Are you looking for a professional, reliable and affordable company to manage all of your commercial waste and recycling? At RMR Cleaning Services we would love to help you. From retail stores and shops to offices and commercial buildings, we can offer you a cost-effective waste management service for your business/ organization.

No matter the size of your business we will be able to provide you with a full range of recycling and waste management services to help you manage your waste effectively. From standard bin collection services through to managed recycling we can provide you with waste management solutions that will save your business money. We are committed to recycling as much waste as possible and all waste is disposed of in-line with government guidelines. This means that you can be sure that you are doing your bit for the environment when you choose RMR Cleaning Services for your waste management. As well as enhanced green credentials, recycling your waste will also help save your business money with lower removal costs than general waste.